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Google Maps API

Google Maps Engine API helps enterprise users create custom maps

In order to equip enterprise devs with the proper tools to create custom Maps, Google announced the Maps Engine API. The kit allows users to leverage the outfit’s cloud muscle to layer appropriate info on a Google Map and publish the results for either internal or widespread use. Direct access to Maps Engine is provided through the API and web, Android, iOS and server-to-server platforms are all in play. A few companies have already put the goods to use — FedEx is leveraging it to search its locations for the closest shipping option.

Make your mapping data visible to the world

Have you ever wondered how your organization could add your mapping data, such as aerial imagery or places of interest, to Google Maps and Google Earth? Maybe you’re using the Google Maps API and want to enrich our base map with your own data. You’re not alone. Learn how you can make your map content visible and useful to Google’s users worldwide.