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Online Marketing

When beginning a new project or upgrading an existing program, we can help assess your goals and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to match. We can provide you with advertising, print and design support. We will work with you to develop a marketing programme that supports your needs and is coordinated with your company’s strategic aims.

Online marketing

Don’t Ask Why You Need an Online Marketing Firm

Ask Why Your Competitors are Outselling You Online

Clients are sometimes surprised by the exposure their competitors are getting online. But the internet business environment has matured and even small businesses are using sophisticated tactics to get attention.

Take action so you’re not left behind

Are you getting your share of consumer spending online? Using an online marketing strategy is the best way to ensure that happens.

Data from Forrester Research points to why you should act now:

  • Online retail sales are growing. They’re expected to reach $327 billion in the U.S. by 2016, up 45% from $226 billion this year.
  • U.S. shoppers are spending more on average. The average of $1,207 in 2012 is expected to grow to $1,738 per shopper in 2016.

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to catch up to businesses with entrenched positions on the web.

Reach new clients online

Without an internet marketing strategy, your website is simply a digital brochure. Turn your website into a marketing powerhouse instead, with a plan that reaches your target customers online. As they read, search, shop and socialize on the internet, your business will remain visible and attract visitors. This comprehensive strategy is key to increasing your brand’s footprint on the internet.

Online marketing firm services

Whether you’re launching a new service, venturing into e-commerce or re-branding your firm, creating an online marketing strategy should be the first step. We provide custom plans to meet your business goals while staying within budget.

Our online marketing services include:

  • Viral Marketing – The rapid spread of a video or message has created overnight sensations online. The right material could lead to large spikes of traffic for your site.
  • Content Marketing – Written content can be used to spread your message to great effect online.
  • Video Marketing – If your business isn’t using videos, it’s missing out on a potential marketing goldmine.
  • Social Media Marketing – Although considered a long-term strategy, social media marketing offers the best opportunities to connect with your prospects.