You’ve got the content, we can help you sell it

The Hasim app technology combined with our comprehensive and value-added solution enables anyone with sellable content to digitally publish for profit.

Your content could be thriving in the digital zone as digital sales and subscriptions; selling ebooks, digital magazines, digital newspapers or even multimedia content from your own branded app or online store has never been easier or more affordable.

Hasim makes digital publishing simpler and more accessible to content producing companies big and small.


Okay, but how does this process work?

1. Upload your content using our easy to use CMS yourself or choose to automatically have our servers fetch it directly from yours

2. Our experienced tech wizards handle all the techie stuff, including submitting your app to the relevant mobile stores or directly to your Web Store

3. Your content then becomes available for sale or subscription in your own branded mobile app or in your Web Store, ready to make you rich!

4. Hasim collects all the monies made from customer purchases and subscriptions and makes sure you get the bucks. Simple.

1. Describe your eBook

Fill in your eBook’s details, upload a cover, and create an enticing synopsis of your eBook.

2. Add eBook content

Upload your manuscript. If you don’t have an ePub file, we’ll create one from your file.

3. Choose content rights

Decide where you’re going to sell your eBook and how you’ll protect it.

4. Set the price

Choose how much your eBook will cost. You can set a single list price or choose a unique price in a number of different currencies.

5. Publish!

Send your eBook out into the world. Sit back and wait for the royalties and reviews to come rolling in.