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Website Audit

Hourly Consultations

I’ll review whatever components of your search engine marketing that you’d like me to review, for however much time you’d like me to review them. Anything from your Google Place Page to your website architecture, keyword research to user-generated content ideas—or, if you don’t actually know what you need help with, I’ll take a quick look and provide a more comprehensive strategy as part of a complete audit of your online presence (see below).

Complete Website Audits

Most small business owners who come to me for help don’t actually realize that their website is literally just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to success in online marketing. It’s an important foundation, but in this era of Local results for so many fantastic keywords, if you really want to rank well long-term, you’ve got to look at so many factors beyond what you control.

So although this offering is titled a “website audit,” it’s more of an “online presence audit.” I’ll take a look at ALL of the important factors for ranking small businesses in search results, including:

  • Keyword research to bring in the largest number of customers as opposed to just visitors
  • Comprehensive site architecture review, including page hierarchy and internal linking strategies
  • 1:1 Title Tag/Meta Description keyword targeting for your most critical pages
  • Specific advice for optimizing contact / location pages
  • Optimization of Google Place Page and Bing Local Profile including category selection
  • Comprehensive review of the major citation players in your niche
  • Data management across several key aggregators and Internet Yellow Pages Sites
  • Additional organic optimization to maximize location “scent”
  • Recommendations for linkbuilding, especially with authoritative and/or local sources
  • Recommendations for a strategic customer review campaign
  • Proper structuring of Google Analytics account for most relevant location-related insights

Satisfied Clients

Although my rates are pretty pricey ($300/hr), you typically get what you pay for when it comes to SEO.

  • I personally complete all consultations–not a junior employee or a new trainee
  • I’m one of only a handful of experts who truly understand Google’s Local algorithm
  • I do not believe in retainers because most valuable work in small business SEO can be done up front
  • I consult for true small businesses and understand their time and budget constraints